John Yoo's Missing Emails, cont.,

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In Response to CREW FOIA Request for Missing Torture Memo Emails, DOJ Releases Documents on Department's Email Retention Policy

WASHINGTON - April 19 - On Friday, April 16, CREW received an initial response to itsFreedom of Information Act request of the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) related to the failure of former OLC official John Yoo to preserve any of his emails. In response to CREW's request for record keeping guidance issued to OLC staff, OLC produced two memos, both of which require OLC staff to retain all emails "that are important to understanding a decision of the Office." There can be no question Mr. Yoo's failure to preserve any emails directly contravenes OLC's record keeping guidance.

Click here to read the OLC's response.

Emails Do Not Just Disappear

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