new addition to Boalt's "Professional Responsibility" offerings

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In response to Boalt Alliance Against Torture advocacy for a Torture Memos class,
Berkeley Law will reportedly offer the course "Legal Ethics for Government Lawyers" 
for Spring 2011:

[The course] "will cover the basic framework of legal ethics that apply to all US lawyers, but will pay particular attention to how the framework gets applied to government lawyers.  For example, the course will take a hard look at how to define the client, and look at government lawyers like prosecutors, administrative agency lawyers, lawyers for Congressional committees, etc.  Professor John Steele expects to have a few classes on the role of the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Counsel, including an analysis of the memoranda regarding the Global War on Terrorism and the interrogation methods for detainees.  He is also open to including analysis of whatever kinds of government lawyers the students want to add, such as municipal lawyers, state lawyers, judicial clerks, etc.

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