confronting torture: are the dean's hands really "tied"?

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Christopher Edley, Jr., is supposedly in charge at Boalt Hall.	I think
he wants to hide behind the specious claim that he keeps Yoo on as a
free-speech issue.  Or maybe he claims that Yoo's tenure ties his
hands.	The second claim may have some substance--though I wager there
would be a way to suspend Yoo from performing as a professor if Edley
had the stomach for such a measure.  As for the first, I call it
specious.  U.C. Berkeley is under no obligation to SPONSER Yoo in order
to maintain free speech.  It is one thing to allow free speech.  It is
quite another thing to appoint or maintain appointment to a teaching
position.  Appointing as a teacher implies some positive evaluation on
the part of a university of what it is the teacher actually teaches. 
Granted, tenure clogs this issue some.	But a math teacher would not
remain active who decided to dispense with all odd numbers.  A biology
teacher would probably not be sustained who left evolution out of the
account of biological development.  A physics teacher who decided
gravity is sheer hoax would probably not be permitted to continue. 
Yoo's approach to law is as egregiously misconceived as would be any of
these.	He should be let go.  
- Tomo [Tom O'Neill]

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