CIA's international detention program far more extensive than previously thought

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Human Rights Lawyer Reveals Vast Extent of CIA Torture Program Published 29 Oct 2009

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CIATime Magazine is reporting that there "was little surprise among Afghanistan experts" at the recent New York Times report claiming that Afghan President Karzai's brother is on the CIA payroll. It has been referred to in Afghanistan as an "open secret." Now some members of Congress are asserting that the Central Intelligence Agency may have lied to them at least five times since 2001. Among the instances of alleged deception are the CIA's failure to disclose to Intelligence committees, that terrorism suspects were being tortured. Another instance involved its secret assassination program for top Al Qaeda leaders. The findings are the result of an investigation following a briefing by CIA Director Leon Panetta in July. Meanwhile, a human rights lawyer investigating the story of CIA torture, has discovered that the CIA's international detention program was far more extensive than previously thought, reaching all the way from Thailand to Afghanistan, Jordan to Poland and many countries in between. The CIA's program was extremely secretive, had fewer prisoners, and subjected them to much worse torture, compared to a military detention program that was more overt.

GUEST: John Sifton, Director of One World Research, former researcher with Human Rights Watch

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