Inquiry Into CIA Torture Practices Narrows

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The Justice Department announced that it was going to narrow its torture investigation even more than it originally said, likely focusing on only a couple of cases...

"A lot of times cases look open-and-shut because a guy froze to death on a cold cement floor, but these cases are more complicated and involved than that," said a government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "You have to prove the cause of death. How do we know he froze to death? He may have died a natural death from clogged arteries. You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he died as a result of the actions of the people who tied him to the floor naked. It may be a logical inference, but proving it beyond a reasonable doubt might be a different story."

"If this Justice Department doesn't look into this, eventually someone else will.  When you torture, maim and murder people from all over the world, eventually the repercussions will trickle out. Putting a lid on it would be like putting one on boiling water." - dday

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