Obstruction of justice

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"The pictures are not going to be released," an emphatic Reid told reporters? Pictures depicting the commission of a federal crime being suppressed by congress? This is the text book definition of Obstruction of justice which would make Reid and any others that vote for this or promote it in any way an accomplice to the actual crime. So can congress legally commit a federal crime by majority rule? Sounds a lot like some third world dictatorship. Certainly not the high ideals this country used to stand for. The rule of law, and our constitution are sooooo pre911-STILL. We are so far around the bend now that even congress can openly flaunt and break the law simply by mob rule (i.e. voting for it). This is a continuation of the horrible Bush Jr. presidency. Now that's change you cannot believe in. - comment by thromulese to:

Reid: Torture pix won't be released

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