BORDC Statement on Berkeley Resolution

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"The Bill of Rights Defense Committee joins with the Berkeley Peace and Justice Coalition, as well as many concerned citizens and other activist organizations, in condemning the use or authorization of torture (or "enhanced interrogation techniques") by any U.S. official.  Torture, degradation, and inhumane treatment of prisoners are unconstitutional, violate international treaties which the U.S. has signed, and betray the values and ideals that define this country.


We now know that John Yoo, Professor of Law at Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California and former legal advisor to the White House, along with other legal advisors, counseled the Bush administration on how to use torture and other unconstitutional and inhumane interrogation techniques without legal consequences.  BORDC supports the resolution introduced to the Berkeley City Council by the Berkeley Peace and Justice Coalition, which calls on the City Council to hold John Yoo accountable for his actions.  The passage of this resolution would be an important step toward rebuilding the international reputation of the U.S. and restoring Americans' faith in their government."

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