Dean Edley Leads Post-Election Analysis

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I find NO mention of plans to end torture here, :

During one of the largest events ever organized by the law school's Alumni Center, a three-member panel led by Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. discussed the highs and lows of the 2008 presidential campaign and expectations for 2009 and beyond...

A senior advisor on Obama's transition team, Edley told the alumni audience that an economy team is one of a handful of policy teams working within Obama's transition coalition. The others include national security, energy and climate change, health care, education, and immigration reform.

All those issues will be pursued in the first three months, said Edley, with intense deliberations to determine where there's appetite for bold action. "Obama wants to do more rather than less. But the president doesn't write legislation, Congress does."

In addition to the major issues, Edley also places civic engagement high on Obama's must-do list.


Well, I say we can demonstrate that engagement by supporting the John Yoo Resolution, (see "Attachment #1"), before the Berkeley City Council. 


Call and write council members (listed below), and speak out at the meeting, Monday December 8 at 7:00pm.

Mayor Tom Bates (510) 981-7100

District 1 Linda Maio (510) 981-7110

District 2 Darryl Moore (510) 981-7120

District 3 Max Anderson (510) 981-7130

District 4 Jesse Arreguin

District 5 Laurie Capitelli (510) 981-7150

District 6 Susan Wengraf

District 7 Kriss Worthington (510) 981-7170

District 8 Gordon Wozniak (510) 981-7180

The Mayor and all Councilmembers may be reached by mail at: 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, 94704.

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