The Prosecution for War Crimes of President Bush

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Global Research, October 13, 2008
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Massachusetts law school Dean Lawrence Velvel will chair a Steering
Committee to pursue the prosecution for war crimes of President Bush and
culpable high-ranking aides after they leave office Jan. 20th.

The Steering Committee was organized following a conference of leading
legal authorities and scholars from the U.S. and abroad convened by
Velvel on Sept. 13-14 in Andover, Mass., titled "The Justice Robert
Jackson Conference On Planning For The Prosecution of High Level
American War Criminals."

"If Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and others are not prosecuted,"
Velvel said, "the future could be threatened by additional examples of
Executive lawlessness by leaders who need fear no personal consequences
for their actions, including more illegal wars such as Iraq."

Besides Velvel, members of the Steering Committee include:

Ben Davis, a law Professor at the University of Toledo College of Law,
where he teaches Public International Law and International Business
Transactions. He is the author of numerous articles on international and
related domestic law.

Marjorie Cohn, a law Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San
Diego, Calif., and President of the National Lawyers Guild.

Chris Pyle, a Professor at Mount Holyoke College, where he teaches
Constitutional law, Civil Liberties, Rights of Privacy, American
Politics and American Political Thought, and is the author of many books
and articles.

Elaine Scarry, the Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and the
General Theory of Value at Harvard University, and winner of the Truman
Capote Award for Literary Criticism.

Peter Weiss, vice president of the Center For Constitutional Rights, of
New York City, which was recently involved with war crimes complaints
filed in Germany and Japan against former Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld and others.

David Swanson, author, activist and founder of coalition, of Charlottesville,

Kristina Borjesson, an award-winning print and broadcast journalist for
more than twenty years and editor of two recent books on the media.

Colleen Costello, Staff Attorney of Human Rights, USA, of Washington,
D.C., and coordinator of its efforts involving torture by the American

Valeria Gheorghiu, attorney for Workers' Rights Law Center.

Andy Worthington of Redress, a British historian and journalist and
author of books dealing with human rights violations.

Initial actions considered by the Steering Committee, Velvel said, are
as follows:

# Seeking prosecutions of high level officials, including George Bush,
for the crimes they committed.

# Seeking disbarment of lawyers who were complicitous in facilitating

# Seeking termination from faculty positions of high officials who were
complicitous in torture.

# Issuing a recent statement saying any attempt by Bush to pardon
himself and aides for war crimes prior to leaving office will result in
efforts to obtain impeachment even after they leave office.

# Convening a major conference on the state secret and executive
privilege doctrines, which have been pushed to record levels during the
Bush administration.

# Designation of an Information Repository Coordinator to gather in one
place all available information involving the Bush Administration's war

# Possible impeachment of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jay Bybee
for co-authoring the infamous "torture memo."

Further information and to arrange interviews with Dean Velvel, contact
Sherwood Ross, Sherwood Ross Associates, Suite 403, 102 S.W. 6th Avenue,
Miami, FL 33130; (305) 205-8281. E-mail

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