Professor's Memo Challenges Nation's Values

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From regretting that his secret machinations were exposed[,] to a bald defense of arbitrary presidential powers that are not subject to legal review or control, Yoo's defense is in reality a bold confirmation of every criticism that has been leveled at him in Berkeley and nationwide. He is baldly refusing to admit any error, and continues to maintain that his role in helping our president violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the U.S. Constitution, is beyond reproach.

In essence, Yoo is challenging the Berkeley community and the American public to confront the basics of his deeply immoral stance. It is my belief that we should take up that challenge.

The Constitution, and our republican democracy, are not Yoo's, nor Bush's, nor anyone's plaything to alter or ignore at their pleasure. And there is no reason for UC to be a party to such dangerous nonsense.

Robert Cruickshank, UC Berkeley alumnus, June 21, 2004                                                                                              

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