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Professor John Yoo Should be Dismissed From Boalt Law School
-- And Prosecuted


War crimes start at the top. The torture and deaths at Abu Ghraib and
Guantanamo; the humiliation of Iraqi and Afghani detainees in the field;
extraordinary rendition; the indiscriminate killing by rifles and cluster
bombs; these are becoming the new norms of war for which the leaders in the
United States are responsible. And as with the war crimes of the past, the
spilling of blood began with the spilling of ink. The most culpable are not
the young foot soldiers in fatigues holding a naked prisoner with a dog
leash; they are the men and women in suits who craft the policies.

This new website project of THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT - DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME! today joins the quickening campaigns to FIRE JOHN YOO! Here is a roundup of current action. "This is becoming a major national FAULT LINE.  If we keep hammering at it, and if we can get John Yoo fired, it would be a major step toward transforming the very negative dynamic in this country where things keep moving farther and farther to the right while the people stay paralyzed and yesterday's outrage becomes today's new fascist norm." -Giovani Jackson, 5-14-08

This week is seeing a big acceleration in the various campaigns to FIRE JOHN YOO! There will be a major demonstration 5-17-08 by a coalition led by Act Against Torture at the UC Berkeley Law, Boalt Hall graduation ceremony [get the flier] where John Yoo is a tenured professor of U.S. Constitutional Law. There, World Can't Wait will be launching a national petition/letter writing campaign at colleges and universities across the country with this card. [front, back] to be delivered in a press conference to the Dean of Yoo's Law School. Download 5-13-08 Michael Slate radio interview on John Yoo with the Head of The National Lawyers Guild and the National Director of the World Can't Wait: [stream, podcast, mp3]. Read this weeks SF Bay Area weekly 'East Bay Express' cover story THE TORTURE PROFESSOR

Roundup of this months important developments coming soon


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