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Shame on the University of California and it's law school at Berkeley
This anti John Yoo billboard went up yesterday, July 24, 2008. It declares "Silence + Torture = Complicity". This wording challenges the apathetic and those who refuse to get off the fence as well as the University of California and it's law school at Berkeley. This well positioned billboard on University Avenue at the intersection of Milvia Street in Berkeley, CA is just FOUR BLOCK FROM THE UC BERKELEY MAIN ENTRANCE! where John Yoo will be teaching United States Constitutional Law as a tenured professor again at the end of August. For those who don't know the Bay Area, University Avenue is the main street in Berkeley running from the Bay through the downtown straight to the main front entrance of The University of California and it's law school at Berkeley. This pictures below are from the press conference and demonstration at the un-veiling yesterday. Click here for the complete photo gallery.

Pictured above is a World can't Wait activist with her sign featuring one of the designs rejected by the billboard company.

Pictured above is the initial view of the billboard as you approach the University by car.
part 1

part 2

Videos courtesy of "the video team" of The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT - DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME! For more of our videos, go to our youtube channel.

Press Conference

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With continuing exposure of the Bush torture program worldwide, World Can't Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime! has initiated a billboard campaign in support of the NO TO TORTURE - JOHN YOO MUST GO! coalition.

A Press Conference unveiling of the billboard will take place this Thursday, July 24th at 1pm at 2017 University Avenue in Berkeley. The billboard containing the following equation: "Silence + Torture = Complicity" seeks to expose that the inhumane practice of torture will continue if we do not take action to uphold human dignity for all citizens of the world.

UC Berkeley Billboard

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