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In June 2020, President Donald J. Trump issued Executive Order (E.O.) 13928 enabling sanctions against "officials, employees, and agents, as well as their immediate family members" working at the International Criminal Court (ICC), including potentially its judges. 

The move sparked an outburst of criticism from diplomats, jurists, and members of civil society across the United States and the international community. 

Amnesty International and others have pointed out that the E.O. is so vague and broadly worded that it might reach anyone providing any assistance at all to the Court, including expert witnesses, national human rights researchers, defense counsel, and state parties.

A group of 175 legal scholars, jurists, and lawyers pressed the Trump administration to rescind the E.O., including Ben Ferencz, the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor, and staunch advocate for U.S. support for contemporary international justice efforts.* 

*Ferencz notably condemns Berkeley Law John Yoo's "enhanced interrogation" program and "torture memos" during the Bush administration. 

"Abu Zubaydah is often cited in the vast library of books written about the 9/11 attacks and their legacy, from self-justifying C.I.A. memoirs to angry critiques of the Bush administration," writes Robert Worth. "Yet he remains a mysterious figure, because -- amazingly -- he is still being held incommunicado, in deference to a promise made by the Bush administration to the C.I.A. in 2002.

Although he has never been charged with a crime, he sits in a cell in the American prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, his body and mind permanently scarred."

"Good news from Guantanamo," tweeted Mansoor Adayfi. "After 20 years of indefinite detention."

"The prisoner, Sufyian Barhoumi, 48, was captured in Pakistan in March 2002 and soon taken to Guantánamo Bay, where he never faced trial, writes Carol Rosenberg, 

"He was notified in August 2016 that he was eligible for release, but his case was sidelined by a Trump administration policy that generally halted transfers."

Sufyian Barhoumi had been held at the military prison since 2002, even after being cleared for transfer in the last weeks of the Obama administration.
Credit...Barhoumi family


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