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"The 'Detainee Policies' show the anatomy of the beast that is post-9/11 detention, the carving out of a dark space where law and rights do not apply, where persons can be detained without a trace at the convenience of the US Department of Defense. -- Julian Assange

Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham gets an award for obstruction of justice, war criminals publish memoirs, and the use of torture continues to be open to debate... 

300x2041.jpglast month when it was revealed that an internal national security strategy memo for the Mitt Romney campaign advocated a return to torture, hardly anyone blinked. In the years since the executive order was signed, tolerance for torture seems resurgent. What happened in those intervening years? Actually, what didn't happen is what matters. In the nearly four years since Obama took office, no one has been held accountable for authorizing the regime of torture and other ill-treatment...

see Getting Away With Murder

It's like arguing that outing a Nazi guarding a concentration camp would hurt the national security of Germany. -- 

 former Justice Department official Jesselyn Radack

Whistleblower John Kiriakou sentenced to prison

In a brief but heated exchange with defense lawyer Michael Schwartz over whether prisoners' statements were voluntarily given, Judge James Pohl ruled on mandatory courtroom attendance of the five accused of plotting 9/11 attacks.

Condoleeza Rice
What the hell was a war criminal doing in a San Francisco high school? 
Condoleeza Rice Luncheon Speech  
Wednesday October 10 
Gateway High School 

Gateway's annual fundraising event reportedly draws over 500 of the Bay Area's "prominent business people, education advocates, and civic leaders." What did they expect to learn from the woman who authorized U.S. torture policy and promoted the invasion of Iraq? What kind of insight can a functionary in the Bush regime offer school administrators? A better future for our youth requires a break from imperial fantasies of American righteousness and superiority. 
We don't need no thought control.

"This is the new face of the police, with the collaboration of the justice system. -- Dimitris Katsaris, lawyer for four of the defendants

protesters claim 'Abu Ghraib-like' humiliation

"For victims of human rights abuses, the stakes couldn't be higher. For decades, U.S. courts have given survivors what repressive regimes back home denied them: a chance to confront their abusers, seek truth, and obtain a measure of justice. I know because I am one of these survivors. -- Bashe Yousuf 

UPDATE: Latest Court Ruling Paves Way for Indefinite Detention

Obama via AFP

"The Obama administration is doubling down in their effort to chill civil liberties, reporter activities and activists in the United States by hyper aggressively trying to overturn an opinion by a federal judge -- plaintiffs' attorney Carl Mayer

activating extradition provisions of Torture and Geneva Conventions

"The refusal of our government to bring to justice those who ordered, justified and carried out torture is inexcusable. It is the height of hypocrisy for the US to criticize, and sometimes punish, other countries for their human rights violations while the torturers in our midst walk free. -- Marjorie Cohn

At Guantanamo, it means that Fayiz al-Kandari faces indefinite detention. Worse, since the government plans no prosecution, it sees no reason to continue providing counsel.

What worries the prisoner's attorney most is acceptance of this situation as "the new norm."

UC Berkeley Billboard

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