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Photo: Brennan Linsley, Pool via The New York Times bringing it "home."

New 1st Circuit Court of Appeals judge David Barron advised Obama that he has the authority to execute anyone, anywhere, for any reason the President deems fit. What kind of human being makes such an assessment? 

"America's professional class has traditionally enjoyed a privileged position at the top of middlebrow America's aspirational hierarchy. At the core of our admiration for doctors, lawyers and bankers was the presumption that these learned men and women adhered to strict codes of ethics. Doctors healed, lawyers respected the law and bankers didn't steal...

When they did, there'd be hell to pay, not least from their brethren.

John Yoo rejects the widely-accepted framework built on the U.N. Charter and replaces it with a new system consisting of defensive, pre-emptive, or preventive measures to encourage wars that advance global welfare... 

A university that allows a war criminal to teach constitutional and international law courses to the next generation of lawyers and judges under prejudice of 'academic freedom' is protecting war crimes. The legal profession now produces an ideology that includes justification of crimes of arbitrary detention, torture, and trials before military commissions bereft of civil due process. Faced with the challenge of moral relativism popularized in today's schools, will students find the courage to speak out against the crimes of their government?

We demand application of ethical standards administrators choose to ignore. Professor Sujit Choudhry could use his new position as Berkeley Law Dean to teach the practice of law to protect peoples' rights. Will he? 

History has demonstrated the futility of petitioning the jailer. The President's intractable defense of the status quo at Guantanamo is powered by the necessities of empire. America's torture camps are but one manifestation of the suffering occasioned by U.S. domination of the planet.

Former detainee Adnan Latif wrote "Where is the world to save us from torture? Where is the world to save the hunger strikers?" Cleared for release, Adnan died waiting for justice. Today 17 men face the same end unless people of conscience kick up some serious resistance to unchecked executive power.

It's exactly what it was meant to be. The Bush administration situated it just off the coast of Florida in the first place because it wanted to avoid legality, justice, and the reach of U.S. courts...
A disturbing recent trend in American academia is the awarding of prestigious positions and honors to those whose conduct has been truly reprehensible. Most notably, the senior political officials of the previous administration have been embraced with open arms by the nation's top universities. These are the same individuals who were responsible for instituting a lawless torture regime, implementing a dragnet domestic surveillance apparatus, and starting two aggressive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. -- Danny Colligan, Stanford Says No to War

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