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Omar Khadr leaves Guantanamo,

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"even reputable sources will leave out many of the details surrounding Khadr's imprisonment and torture, details that may be too embarrassing for the U.S. government, or for a Democratic incumbent running for President who steadfastly refuses to punish those who engaged in the planning and implementation of torture during the Bush years, and who lies about the so-called nonabusive nature of current U.S. interrogation policy...

Out of sight, out of mind?  Not.

A group of international human rights organizations and experts filed a brief today before the Spanish Supreme Court, arguing that the continued failure of U.S. authorities to investigate or prosecute torture binds the Spanish judicial system to resume its inquiry into these practices...

New Court Filing: International Rights Groups and Experts Urge Spanish Supreme Court to Reopen Inquiry Into Bush Era Torture

The Others

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"Do the Others have parents? Do they have grandparents? Do the Others have siblings, who now watch the clear blue skies in terror every day, the way New Yorkers did for a few months after 9/11? Do the Others have spouses who miss them? Do the Others have children who wonder why the Others haven't come home from work yet? Do the Others have circles of friends who talk about the hole that is left in their daily lives, who talk about corny old jokes the Others used to tell, or stories about when one of the Others tripped on a rock or fell in a creek, or offer prayers for the souls of the Others every day?

It Is Long Past Time We Met the Victims of the Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama

"How can justice be demanded in other nations when the Obama administration, which was supposed to usher in an era of change and hope, has essentially refused to prosecute the officials in the Bush dictatorship who are responsible for these crimes? -- David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru

Higher education in America: Dream or nightmare?

September 21, Herbst Theatre in San Francisco

World Can't Wait activists protested the illegal and immoral drone strikes being perpetrated in our name, delivering a message that kill lists and more unjust war are not the kind of change we believe in. 

Conspicuously absent in the 2012 Democratic Party Platform is any direct reference to Obama's assassination program, which constitutional law attorney Glenn Greenwald believes is "literally the most radical power that a government and president can seize." Obama wants 4 more years to "finish what I started." It is imperative that people of conscience take a serious look at the toll the President's actions have taken on the people of the World.

No matter who's elected, rule of law could slip away

In a statement, the ACLU noted that the list did not include Adnan Latif, who died in his cell earlier this month. 

Italy's highest criminal court on Wednesday upheld the convictions of 23 Americans in the abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a Milan street as part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program, paving the way to possible extradition requests by Italian authorities... continue reading

"Torture is never acceptable. The presidential campaign is dominating the headlines, but Americans should know that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is finishing a three-year investigation into past interrogation practices by the CIA, including its use of torture -- Rev. Kent Siladi

CIMG0118-thumb-375x281.jpgWorld Can't Wait activists returned to Boalt Hall Wednesday to deliver a message to students:
John Yoo teaching constitutional law to the next generation of lawyers and judges is a perverse mockery of what a law school education should be. At best, the professor's opinion of Supreme Court rulings is irrelevant. But deliberate misinterpretation of legal precedent is not only dangerous; it is potentially criminal. Former dean Jesse Choper knows this -- or should. And Christopher Edley must stop legitimating the discredited work of an admitted war criminal.

"Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor." - Ginetta Sagan 

9/11/12: a day for reflection

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"We have to acknowledge and grapple with the fact that, in the post-9/11 era, we took a wrong turn in this path," said Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU's National Security Project, which monitors the country's security practices. "We turned to policies of torture and now targeted killing, of Guantanamo and military commissions, of warrantless government spying and religious and racial profiling."

c/o Raw Story: Major questions remain over the fate of Bagram prison's more than 3,000 inmates, including around 50 foreigners not covered by the agreement, and hundreds more arrested since the transfer deal was signed on March 9. 

What would a sovereign Afghanistan look like?

Murder - no, it's not OK when the President approves it. The U.S. is not exempt from the most basic laws governing the protection of human rights. A crime is a crime, no matter who does it.

There is a heart worm of dark evil hollowing out the core of this nation. Think of this, the supposedly Democratic president of this nation has made the country safe for torturers. Torture, folks!

see A Tortured Relationship Finally Comes to an End!

john-yoo.jpg"we sincerely believe that torture is somehow different. Accountability for torture is not just one among many important issues. Rather, it goes to the core of who we are as a nation. If we allow our government to torture in our names, all bets are off. Aggressive, illegal wars; a political system that can be bought; consumers and workers with no protections; a health care/education/economic system that favors the rich. We can't consistently fight those injustices while acquiescing to torture with impunity...                                

An open letter to Senator Klobuchar on 10th anniversary of torture memos  

                                                                                       Photo: Noah Berger/Associated Press 

Scott Horton finds a 'silver lining' to closure of CIA torture investigation:

"The Durham investigation appears to have been prolonged for at least eighteen months beyond its actual conclusion in order to provide a pretext to block related foreign criminal investigations. There is now no reason why those proceedings should not go forward. Indeed, a decision by the Holder Justice Department to establish a principle of impunity means, under established international-law concepts, that other prosecutors and courts are now free to proceed." 

President Obama's defense of murder mocks Geneva

but omits the 2008 promise to provide trials for terror suspects or to respect prisoners' rights to challenge their detention in court.

And you can forget about a return of habeas corpus; the 2012 platform retains indefinite detention policy, omits a 2008 pledge to revisit the Patriot Act or limitations on executive power, and avoids specific mention of drone strikes.

US Presidents can kidnap citizens of their own or any nation on earth from anyplace on the planet for torture, indefinite imprisonment without trial or murder them and neighboring family and bystanders at will. To be perfectly fair, there are distinctions between Republicans and Democrats here that don't amount to differences. Republicans Cheney and Bush got their lawyers to say these things were OK and did them. Democrat Obama got Congress to enact "laws" giving these acts a veneer of fake legality, something a Republican probably could not have done. (#8 on the list)

Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On

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