You can used that hammer to rehab a house in New Orleans Habitat for Humanity, or you can use it to crush a child's testicles to get his parent to answer during a Yoo-authorized interrogation.

Similarly, you can use that JD degree tool as a bludgeon to destroy the freedoms and protections that Framers described so eloquently in the Constitution, but which are inalienable rights bestowed on us by the Creator not by our government or by any piece of paper no matter how revered; or you can use that JD degree to rehab and rebuild the liberties, freedoms and justice that once were the hallmark of the American way of life.

Me, I want to use all my tools for rehabbing and rebuilding what has been broken or destroyed. So, when the time comes to rebuild our system of justice, call me, I have a hammer and I have a JD.


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